About Me

I am Shanika RJ

Hello I welcome you to My life I am Shanika RogersJenkins from Memphis Tennessee. I live in Atlanta, Georgia. I am the founder of multiple businesses; CEO of Unique Luxury Boutique and Unique Lemonade. Im the youngest out of two siblings. I ‘m currently employed with the airline industry. I love traveling all over the world to do ministry and to praise dance. I love fashion and styling my clients. I love community outreach and ministering to young women and men encouraging them strive for the best.

I’ve experienced not knowing which way to turn and not being enough or educated enough to fulfill my dreams. I’m here to uplift others. In my life journey i learned to stop listening to people and listen to God. I continued to put in the work. I am a true believer, that all things work together for my good. God would not put me in a situations to fail. I will be obedient to his word. Over the last few years of my life I have experience of alot of things.